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Today's massacre is unprecedented in Egypt's history

February 8, 2014 at 1:48 am

Muslim thinker and member of the Islamic Research Council, Mohamed Omarah, has said that the ruling regime reached breaking point when it started forcibly dispersing the peaceful pro-Morsi protests and militarised the country by assigning military governors.

He said that there were laws and constitutions in all countries around the world that guarantee the right to peaceful protests. When we see the police dispersing peaceful protests this way, we are watching a massacre never before witnessed in Egyptian history.

Omarah referred to the high number of deaths and injuries caused by the Egyptian army and police while dispersing the pro-Morsi protests.

Hoping that no negative consequences would emerge, he expected the worst was still to come. Omarah’s pessimism is based on the fact that such a massacre has never before happened in Egypt. “There has never been such a precedent,” he said.

He said that the army opposed all initiatives that had been proposed to remove the protests. Omarah said that this was because the army wanted to secure military rule in Egypt, which has led to more violence. He said that this damages the image of the Egyptian army.

The involvement of the army in such massacres will damage its authority, as has happened with the Iraqi and Syrian armies, such an event would be welcomed by Israel.