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Hamas leader condemns incitement against his movement

February 10, 2014 at 11:49 am

Member of the Hamas political bureau Mousa Abu-Marzouq expressed surprise on Thursday after several parties called for severing relations between Cairo and Hamas.

He wondered: “Is there a relationship between Hamas and Egypt in order to be cut?”

Regarding the Rafah Crossing, which is the only window to the world for the residents of Gaza, Abu-Marzouq said: “Clearly, Egypt deals with the Crossing from a humanitarian perspective.”

He continued: “This means that Egypt has never reached an agreement with Hamas on the crossing, and shows that Egypt deals with Hamas as a de facto government. Basically, neither Egypt nor Hamas are parties to the crossing agreement signed in 2005.”

Writing on his Facebook page, Abu-Marzouq asked when such incitement against Hamas and the Gaza Strip would stop.

“We have never heard anyone propose expanding Gaza towards Sinai or supplying Gaza with water from the Nile River before,” he wrote. “Accusing Hamas and the Palestinians without proof is unjustified incitement.”

Abu-Marzouq has been living in Cairo ever since the Hamas leadership left Damascus, about one year after the start of the Syrian uprising. Abu-Marzouq previously revealed that Egypt has refused to renew his expired visa.