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Fatah dismisses senior leader for his relations with Dahlan

February 11, 2014 at 12:40 pm

The Palestinian movement Fatah discharged on Monday senior leader Khaled Ghazal Soufan over his relationship with dismissed leader Mohamed Dahlan, a statement said.

According to a website affiliated to Dahlan, which published the statement, the decision was taken on Tuesday, 7 October 2013. The statement said that the reason given was not clear and only mentioned: “Because of cooperation with an external party.”

The website also stated that Soufan is thought to have “incited against the movement”, which was another reason for his dismissal.

It is worth mentioning that the movement also recently discharged the head of its military wing in Lebanon, Brigadier General Mahmoud Abdel-Hamid Issa, better known as “Lino”, for the same reason: collaboration with Dahlan.

Soufan had served as an ambassador for the Palestinian Authority in Warsaw. He was known for his corruption as well as his close relationship with the Israelis.

In October 2007 he carried out a joint visit with Israeli ambassador David Peleg to a concentration camp in Auschwitz where Jews were tortured and killed during WWII. The visit was a farewell to Peleg.

Mohamed Dahlan was once a prominent leader of Fatah and held a seat in parliament. However he was dismissed from the movement for personal disputes with Mahmoud Abbas.

He is currently living in the UAE and works as an advisor to its crown emir. He has been accused of helping to support the military coup in Egypt and working to support measures aimed to undermine the rule of Islamists in Turkey and the Gaza Strip.