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Israel fails against Hamas tunnels

February 11, 2014 at 9:52 am

Israel’s channel 10 has quoted a senior Israeli officer of the Southern Command as saying that “the Israeli army has failed miserably against the Hamas tunnels which the movement uses to carry out operations against Israel.”

The officer commented on the Qassam Brigades operation which members carried out near the border with the Gaza Strip on Friday saying, “the Israeli army is forced to send infantry troops to search for those tunnels”.

He pointed out that estimates confirm that Hamas has dug a number of tunnels to carry out major operations against Israeli targets. The officer explained that “Hamas uses quiet times to train its troops and to develop its capabilities for future combats. Hamas copies Hezbollah’s operations but with a higher degree of military tactics, skill and ability to camouflage.”

He pointed out that “the tunnels will lead to a disaster if the Palestinian gunmen are able to reach the settlements where protection is insufficient as the army has withdrawn from guarding them”.