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Israeli military reinforces troops in occupied Golan Heights after Syrian infiltration

February 11, 2014 at 12:25 pm

Israel has deployed additional army staff in the occupied Golan Heights after a group of Syrians infiltrated a work site near to the newly built electric fence along the contested borders, according to Israeli radio.

Israeli radio also reported that the number of infiltrators was 20, but other Israeli sources said there were only 10.

According to the media reports, violent clashes were taking place in the nearby neighbourhoods when the Syrians approached the work site and tried to seize tools belonging to the Israeli workers.

The sources noted that Israeli forces fired on the rebels immediately. No causalities were reported, but work in the area has been suspended until stability is restored.

The Israeli army had previously announced concerns about the continuous developments along the electric fence. CCTV cameras are being installed to help prevent any further infiltration attempts by the Syrians.