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Freedom and Justice Party claims voting enthusiasm shows desire for stability

February 17, 2014 at 1:49 am

The political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has praised the enthusiasm of the Egyptian people for the constitution referendum and said that it is a reflection of their struggle for stability. A statement issued by the Freedom of Justice Party said, “The Egyptian people have written a new chapter in their struggle towards freedom, as the world was impressed seeing us in front of the ballot boxes.”

Commenting on the high turnout, the statement added, “The Egyptian people in 10 governorates have expressed their opinion and demonstrated their desire to participate in the democratic process and shape the future after the January 25 Revolution.”

The FJP noted that the voting took place under full judicial scrutiny witnessed by human rights organisations, in the face of “a cruel and unjust smear campaign”. The party called on the Egyptian masses in other governorates to participate just as keenly in the second phase of the referendum scheduled for next Saturday.