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Israeli destruction and detentions in Jerusalem continue

Israeli soldiers swept into Wadi al-Rababeh neighbourhood of occupied Jerusalem on Monday and detained eight Palestinian residents of Silwan, Tobas and Beit Amer. Armoured bulldozers accompanied the soldiers in order to destroy homes which the Israelis claim have been built without appropriate licences.

According to eyewitnesses, the bulldozers started to raze the land around the homes belonging to the Shoqeer and Al-Shobaki families, uprooting many old trees in the process.

Local residents clashed with Israeli soldiers when they tried to stop the destruction. Four Palestinian women were reported to have been injured and four young men were detained. At least 100 people live in the homes set to be destroyed by Israel.

Two university students arrested in Tobas were identified as Abdul-Hadi Sobeeh, aged 20, and Amer Dabak, 22. Their mobile phones and wallets were confiscated by the soldiers.

In Beit Amer, the Israelis arrested two children: Hamza abu-Hashem, aged 14, and Issa Ikhlail, 15. Soldiers fired tear gas during the arrests, injuring several people.

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