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Unprecedented rights for Copts in new Egyptian constitution

February 17, 2014 at 1:49 am

A Muslim Brotherhood official has expressed his surprise that the Coptic Church has withdrawn from the Constitutional Assembly “because the Copts have unprecedented rights” under the proposed new Egyptian constitution. “Representatives of the Church agreed on all articles of the constitution, including article 219 which explains article two about the role of the Islamic Sharia,” Guidance Bureau member Dr Abdul-Rahman al-Barr pointed out on Friday.

In a statement distributed to journalists, Al-Barr added: “The withdrawal of the Church, which was not preceded by any difference of opinion, was painful for us all, because it proved its involvement in unsavoury politicking.”

Regarding the new rights given to Copts under the constitution, Al-Barr said: “The new constitution recognises a law for places of worship and gives Christians the right to be governed by their religion in related issues. The Church’s representatives expressed their delight at these articles when they were passed around for discussion.”