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Tel Aviv: the Palestinian Authority going to the UN will bring a final end to negotiations

February 20, 2014 at 3:34 pm

An high-levelled Israeli political source has said that the Palestinian Authority’s decision to go to the UN this September to gain recognition of a state within the 4th June 1967 borders will finally bring an end to negotiations between the two sides.
On Wednesday (31.09) Hebrew Radio quoted the source as saying that “The Palestinian Authority’s decision to go to the United Nations is considered a strategic danger of the first order which will bring the curtain down over negotiations with Israel for many long years.”

The source added that Tel Aviv “Has not and will not make any decision about the form its response to this move will take”, indicating that it had carefully reviewed all possible scenarios. He pointed out that the Israeli response would “be taken in accordance with developments on the ground in the days following the Palestinian move.”
Within the same context, the Israeli political source precluded the Palestinian Authority’s ability to administer a state saying, “The Palestinian side is not capable of administering the economic and security domain of an independent state without the help of Israel. The proof for this is the existence of numerous Palestinian and Arab opponents to the move.”
The same source also claimed that there are ‘secret movements’ taking place behind the Arab scenes aimed at increasing pressure on the Palestinians and convincin them not to go to the United Nations.

Source: Quds Press