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Shaikh calls for Al-Azhar ruling on Egypt’s “wall of shame”

February 27, 2014 at 11:33 pm

The head of Iman University in Yemen has condemned the “unjust” siege of Gaza. Although restrictions on the whole population have been in place for many years, said Shaikh Abdul Majeed Al-Zindani, what has happened over the past twelve months is particularly inhumane.

In his statement, Shaikh Al-Zindani called upon the scholars of Egypt’s prestigious Al Azhar University to explain to the Egyptian government that whoever helps to keep a Muslim under siege is “a despot, an aggressor and a murderer.” The Egyptian government not only keeps the Rafah crossing between Gaza and Egypt tightly controlled – and usually closed – but is also building a “security” underground wall to stop the people of Gaza using tunnels to get essential goods into the besieged territory.


“Like the rest of the world we were surprised by the Egyptian government’s decision to build this steel wall along Egypt’s border with Gaza,” said Shaikh Al-Zindani. “Why is this wall necessary? For whose benefit is it being built? And who said that it was permitted for a Muslim to put his Muslim brother under siege?” According to the Shaikh, such an act is “prohibited” (haram) and “invalid”.

Shaikh Al-Zindani said, “Palestinian youth have changed over the past few years, and have become knowledgeable of their faith, especially with regards to acts of worship, obedience to God and the struggle against oppression. They are the strongest in faith and the best to hold on their religion, sacrifice their lives and work hard. They no longer fear anything but their Creator.” The Shaikh added that whoever walks on Allah’s path will be victorious. “The Prophet, peace be upon him, was put under Bani Hashim’s siege in Makkah, along with his companions, for 3 years. That siege resulted in leaders who brought victory to the world, east and west.”


Source: Quds Press