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EU aid pledge for Jordan

The European Union Ambassador to Jordan, Joanna Wronecka, said on Wednesday that the EU recognises the country's vital role in supporting Syrian refugees and is "committed to help" the government respond to the crisis. Refugees make up almost 10 per cent of the kingdom's total population.

"The EU recognises the burden on the Jordanian government's resources," Wronecka told a press conference in Amman. "The majority of the Syrian refugees are living outside refugee camps, in host communities across the kingdom, so they depend on the same services that the government provides to its own citizens."

The ambassador pointed out that the European Commission has pledged €230.9 million to help Jordan to meet these challenges through humanitarian assistances, health care services, food aid and shelter, as well as psychological support and protection. The European aid includes a grant of €5.4 million for the Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation to enhance economic opportunities and create jobs in the kingdom's northern provinces. The EU will also provide specific support to the host communities to expand and improve their wastewater services.

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