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The Attiya Law

March 22, 2014 at 3:50 pm

Adding to the comedy being acted out in Egypt is the presidential election scene, a blatant attempt to convince the world that there is a real democracy at work and it is heading in the right direction. Part of the deception is the so-called Attiya Law issued by the appointed puppet “Interim President” Adly Mansour. It covers presidential candidates and has been tailor-made for Field Marshall Al-Sisi, who has fortified his position such that he cannot be challenged. All that is left is for the decorations to go up and the celebrations to begin for his inauguration as the new official president of the republic; he has, of course, been the actual power behind the presidential throne since the coup last year.

The former army chief of staff, Lieutenant General Sami Annan has announced that he will be running for presidency in order to uphold the higher interests of the country and to maintain the unity and coherence of the Armed Forces. Lieutenant General Ahmed Shafiq, however, announced that he would withdraw his candidacy and support Al-Sisi in the presidential campaign. This came after remarks of his were leaked in which he attacked the field marshal and accused him of being ignorant and short-sighted; Shafiq added, for good measure, that the entire military council is ignorant and inexperienced and the political process is fraudulent and laughable. He also said that the ballot boxes would be fixed in Al-Sisi’s favour and that anyone running against him would lose, so they might as well save face and not run for president, because it is not “manly” to run for president and only get 8 per cent of the votes.

So, an insider has confirmed our suspicions; one of the coup supporters has called the presidential election little more than a farce. I have said this before, as has everyone else opposed to the coup. However, the difference between us and Shafiq is that we said it for the sake of promoting the country’s interests and our belief in democracy; to preserve the value of elections and their legitimacy; and to promote a just and fair country. Shafiq’s statements were issued when he realised that he was coming out of the coup with nothing and wasn’t getting his share of the spoils after his long and bitter opposition to President Mohamed Morsi.

The result of the leak of his abuse of Al-Sisi was a threat that the old corruption charges against him would be taken out of the filing cabinets and rehashed by the security agencies. This is why he is not able to return to Egypt, even though he has announced on several occasions that he would do so.

Ever since Morsi was elected as president the real battle has been between the corrupt deep state, which effects all aspects of life, including the judiciary, the media, the army and police, and government ministries; and those who wish to establish a just state in which the aims of the January 25 Revolution would be realised. Freedom, social justice and human dignity are what the people wanted and what Morsi was aiming for but the corrupt state stepped in and overthrew him.

However, truth will out, as they say, and justice will prevail; a popular revolution will attack corruption at its roots in order to restore Egypt to its people and allow them to live in dignity, pride and freedom. God willing, the revolution will go on with millions of free Egyptians filling the streets with non-stop protests, despite the daily killing, arrests and unjust prison sentences. They will not despair or give in but are ready to sacrifice themselves for justice and victory.

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