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Egyptian doctors continue strike, mass resignations

The General Assembly of the Egyptian Doctors Syndicate approved the continuation of the partial strike and mass resignations until their demands are fulfilled by the government.

The Assembly, held on Friday, announced that doctors will continue their strike until the upcoming meeting scheduled for 18 April, when members will vote on the continuation of the strike, and other escalation measures.

The 2014 strike, for the first time joined by dentists and pharmacists, is the third since the January 25 revolution. Egyptian doctors staged their first strike in 2011, and the second in 2012 to demand a new cadre that would guarantee proper wages and living conditions for workers in the health sector.

The assembly called on the Health Minister to overturn all arbitrary measures taken against striking doctors, and urged him to resign if he fails to address their demands.

Moreover, the assembly urged fresh medical school graduates to decline serving in compulsory medical work until doctors’ demands are met.

Additionally, Secretary General of the Doctors Syndicate Dr Mona Mina called on all doctors to sign the collective resignation form. She confirmed that the Syndicate is targeting 20,000 resignations by public sector doctors. The mass resignations came as a result of the government’s failure to fulfil the demands of striking doctors.

According to Dr Mohamed Fatouh, member of the strike management committee, said that the percentage of participation in the strike ranged between 70%-80%.

Egypt has more than 50,000 public sector doctors, most of whom complain about dire working conditions.