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Algeria ready to defend Libya from Egyptian invasion

Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper has reported that Algeria has expressed strong objections to the statements made by Egyptian presidential candidate Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi about Libya. According to the London-based newspaper on Friday, Algeria has declared its ability and readiness to defend Libya from any Egyptian invasion of its eastern border.

According to an anonymous Libyan official, Algeria’s objections were expressed by its ambassador to Libya, Abd Al-Hamid Abu Zahar, during his meeting with the leader of the Justice and Construction Party, Muhammad Sawan. The ambassador told Sawan that the Algerian army is prepared to protect the Libyans from any Egyptian troop incursion in eastern Libya. The Algerian army, he insisted, would not stand idly by. He pointed out that Libya’s neighbours, with the exception of Egypt, will meet in Algeria to discuss Libya’s stability and border issues, including arms smuggling and terrorist infiltration.

Political analysts within Libya regard the escalation of Algerian rhetoric against Egypt as being within the context of settling scores between the two countries and an attempt to export their domestic problems to Libyan territory in order to draw the Islamists into a war with Egypt. One Libyan politician commented on this issue by saying, “No one can ride on your back if you don’t kneel.”

It is worth noting that Egypt’s Al-Sisi has called on the West to complete its mission in order to achieve stability inside Libya. He believes that Libya has fallen prey to anarchy in the aftermath of the downfall of Muammar Al-Gaddafi in an uprising that was supported by the West and that has become a source of a security threat for Egypt.

He added that it must be understood that terrorism will eventually reach Western countries if they do not help to eradicate it. “The terrorism map,” he warned, “is growing and will soon reach the West.”