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Benflis refuses to participate in constitutional amendment discussions in Algeria

Ali Benflis, an unsuccessful candidate in the last Algerian presidential elections, announced on Sunday his opposition to the amended draft constitution which the presidency presented, as well as the discussion by President Abdelaziz Bouteflika due to take place in June.

Benflis (70) said in a statement today, “we need to look at the suggestions of the constitutional amendment the way they are, a policy of moving forwards and hiding the reality of the current situation.”

He added that, “the real solution to this prolonged regime crisis which has continued in its legitimacy struggle and institutional stalemate cannot come from such suggestions.”

He continued, “the logic they (presidency) depend on is a blessing to postpone the legitimate aspirations for change which our people and nation aspire to, and that is something I will continue to reject, today and tomorrow.”

We were unable to get a comment from the Algerian presidency in response to Benflis’ statement.

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