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New Libyan government holds first meeting to discuss security matters

Newly appointed Libyan Prime Minister Ahmed Maiteg held his first parliamentary meeting with all the members of his government on Thursday. The prime minister's official page reported that Maiteg and the parliament discussed the following three matters during the meeting: the handover of power, security affairs, and the presentation of the ministerial plans.

Meanwhile, the caretaker prime minister charged with conducting the handover, Abdullah Al-Thinni, told Libya's Al-Ahrar television that he is still the acting prime minister and would continue in his post until the Supreme Court confirms the legitimacy of Maiteg's appointment. It is worth noting that Maiteg's meeting was not held at the official headquarters of the Libyan government.

In early May, Maiteg was chosen as the new Libyan prime minister during a chaotic parliamentary session, during which some parliamentarians questioned his legitimacy as he only received 113 of the 120 votes needed to be elected. However, Maiteg's government was approved and had already been sworn in by the president of the General National Congress, Nouri Abusahmain.

Nevertheless, this process continues to be contested. Al-Alam Online reported that the first deputy speaker of Libya's parliament, Ezzedin Al-Awami, called on Al-Thinni to continue his work and position as the caretaker prime minister as usual after receiving a legal decision from the Ministry of Justice stating the invalidity of Maiteg's appointment and new government.

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