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Fatah MP in West Bank: Government does not give Gaza its rights

A Palestinian MP for Fatah in the occupied West Bank said on Monday that the unity government is not giving Palestinians in the Gaza Strip their equal rights, Al-Resalah newspaper reported.

Speaking exclusively to Al-Resalah, Najat abu-Baker said that the Gaza Strip is in need of massive support from the unity government during this difficult time.

Israel recently waged a 51-day military assault against Palestinians in Gaza, causing thousands of deaths and injuries, as well as massive destruction to homes, businesses and infrastructure.

Furthermore, Israeli occupation authorities have enforced a land, sea and air siege of the Strip since 2006. After the July 2013 coup in Egypt, the Rafah Crossing has been kept almost completely shut.

Abu-Baker accused the Palestinian leadership of acting too late in solving problems, saying that they have now accumulated after several years of inaction.

She called on the unity government to set a timeline for helping Gaza, as well as to pay the needed budgets for the operation of all ministries in Gaza.

The MP added that solving the problems in Gaza needs a concerted effort during the coming days. She called on ministers to attend to their offices in Gaza as they do in the West Bank.

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