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‘Al-Quds Intifada’ has started and flames will not be quenched

A member of the Hamas political bureau said on Friday that “Al-Quds Intifada” has started and the flames will not be quenched. Izzat Al-Reshiq blamed the Israeli occupation authorities for this, Quds Press has reported.

“The cold-blooded murder of Israa Abed by Israeli troops on Friday will turn into flames that the occupation government will not be able to quench,” he warned. “Al-Quds Intifada was set off and when the issue is Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque, we do not fear death.”

The Hamas leader added that the Israelis have to recognise that Palestinians are one nation and one soul when those in Palestine occupied in 1948 move in solidarity with Jerusalem.

Israa Abed was a university student of genetic engineering who was shot by a number of Israeli troops in the central bus station in Afula, Israel. Although the Israelis claim that she planned to stab a guard, video evidence shows clearly that she had her hands in the air when she was gunned down in cold blood.

A video purportedly showing a Palestinian woman, later identified as Israa Abed by arabs48, being shot by Israeli police in a bus station, before falling on the ground, circulated in social media and media outlets

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