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Syrian Brotherhood leader: Russia to look for alternative solution in Syria

October 23, 2015 at 10:08 am

A senior member of Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood Zuhair Salem said he expects Russia to look for an alternative solution to its offensive in Syria.

In a statement released yesterday, Salem said that he doubts that Russian President Vladimir Putin would jeopardise his country’s relations with the Arab and Islamic world as a whole by continuing to support Syrian regime President Bashar Al-Assad.

“Putin will eventually look for an alternative political solution in Syria to save face, especially that his military support to the Assad’s regime seems to be heading towards the same result as the Syrian regime and its main ally, Iran, which is failure in the face of the Syrian opposition,” Salem explained.

Salem described Al-Assad as a “Russian captive”, saying: “Russian President Vladimir Putin did not receive Bashar Al-Assad as a head of state or treat him like one, but as one of his followers. He met him to give him instructions for the coming days, and to accept whatever solution he proposes.”

“But, could Bashar Al-Assad say no to Putin? Was he sure that he could return safely to Syria if he opposed Putin? Especially since the visit was undeclared and the Russians decided to announce it at their own time,” he asked.