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Algeria, Sudan reject US report on human trafficking

July 5, 2016 at 12:21 pm

Algeria and Sudan have criticised a US report listing them among states that do not exert sufficient efforts to fight human trafficking.

According to the report, Sudan and Algeria are not fully committed to the minimum criteria stipulated by the laws in place to protect human trafficking victims.

In a statement, the Algerian foreign ministry said the report was based on sources that lack credibility and contained false information.

Blacklisted Middle Eastern states:
  • Algeria
  • Mauritania
  • Sudan
  • Syria/li>

“The issue of human trafficking is a marginal phenomenon in Algeria and alien to the values and traditions of Algerian society,” the statement said, adding that Algeria plans to play a more active role to eliminate this phenomenon in the context of its commitment to the fight against other phenomena like terrorism.

Meanwhile, in Khartoum, the Sudanese foreign ministry issued a statement saying: “Regarding Sudan, the report lacks accurate information and was more inclined towards tarnishing the country’s image in areas where Sudan has achieved remarkable success including the prevention of recruiting child soldiers and human trafficking.”

US President Barack Obama is expected to decide in 90 days whether to impose sanctions on the countries which were blacklisted.