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Syria’s Damascus goes without water for one month

Syrian refugees fill up bottles with water [Anadolu]
Syrian refugees fill up bottles with water [Anadolu]

The Syrian capital, Damascus, once famed for its springs of fresh water has now gone an entire month without water due to an offensive launched by the Syrian regime on the Wadi Barada area which supplies the capital with water.

The Syrian regime has failed to achieve any progress to retake the rebel held area despite increased daily shelling.

Media sources from Syrian opposition quoted the Director General of Fijeh water plant in Wadi Barada, Mohammed Mohammed, as saying that “the plant has pumped 1.5 million litres of water during the past period, since the beginning of the last water crisis”.

According to the UN some 5.5 million people live in Damascus which means that each person has received less than a third of a litre of water during the crisis.

The Syrian regime has been waging a ground and air offensive on Wadi Barada as the negotiations to resolve the Syrian crisis brokered by Turkey and Russia scheduled on 24 January in Astana approaches.

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