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Israeli court says no need to demolish homes of Jewish murderers

March 4, 2017 at 2:08 pm

The Israeli Supreme Court has rejected a petition by a family of Palestinians to demolish the homes of three Israeli Jewish murderers who murdered their son in 2014, Safa news agency reported on Friday.

The Israeli court rejected the demolition of the murderers’ homes, claiming this would not be deterrent under the pretext that “terror is not common among the Jewish communities” at the same scale it is common among the Palestinians.

Israeli news websites, according to Safa, reported that the Israeli Supreme Court said it would discuss the issue of demolishing “Jewish terrorists” homes in case such crimes had increased.
Three Jewish settlers brutally murdered teen Mohamed Abu Khdeir from Jerusalem in July 2014. They kidnapped him, beat him and then set him on fire while he was still alive.

As the Israeli occupation keeps demolishing homes of alleged Palestinian terrorists, the family of the Palestinian teen petitioned for the Israeli court to deal with the Israeli terrorists with the same logic.

In July 2015, a group of Israeli Jewish settlers also murdered three Palestinians – two parents and their infant son from the Dawabsha family – when they set their house on fire in the dead of the night. Ali Dawabsha, 9, was the only survivor, who has been living with serious burns all over his body ever since.

In both cases, the Israeli authorities claimed that the murderers are minors; however, they were over 18.