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German newspaper backtracks after listing Netanyahu as a ‘crazy world leader’

Extract from the Hamburger Morgenpost , the German newspaper which had included Netanyahu in a list of “The Seven Craziest Leaders in the World”

A German newspaper was forced to remove the name of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from a list of the world’s craziest leaders following diplomatic pressure.

Hamburger Morgenpost had included Netanyahu in a list of “The Seven Craziest Leaders in the World” because he promotes settlement policies and because he tried to convince former US

Crazy leaders

  • Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei
  • North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un
  • Philippines’ President Rodrigo Duterte
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin
  • Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad
  • Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe

President Barack Obama to attack Iran.

As a result, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent a complaint to the German government and the Israeli embassy in Berlin criticised the newspaper and said in a statement that this is an “anti-Semitic” act.

“The fact that they put an elected prime minister of a democratic Western country… alongside some of the worst dictators in the world, reveals more than anything the newspaper’s level of understanding of what is happening today in the world,” the embassy said in a statement, according to Israel’s Ynet News.

The newspaper was then forced to remove Netanyahu from the list and apologised for including him.

“It was wrong to make @netanyahu part of this list. We apologise,” the newspaper announced.

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  • ark

    They ment to say Merkel.

  • James Henry

    He’s the craziest one of that lot.

  • RocknroIIer

    Why do they remove him ? Doesn´t make any sense !

  • Thought he looks familiar. Just saw him pacing in a cell at a mental institution shouting ” Yaaahooo”!!

  • disqusdamnuserid

    Only Third World country leaders can be “Crazy”. But not Western Anglo/Jewish.
    Kim Jung, Saddaam, Qadaffi, et al.

    This guy Netanyahoo said to attack Iran? That is F-king crazy if you ask me.
    Like Cheney/Rumsfeld pushed for and succeeded in attacking Iraq. Look what came out of that….terrorism at it’s worst, mass exodus of immigrant and refugees (and hidden among them those that will attack us)

  • Jon

    Ha! Since when has an apartheid regime been a ‘Western democratic government’?

  • Heinz Pütter

    Everyone has the
    government that deserves it, “was the French philosopher and politician
    Joseph Marie de Maistre (1753-1821), but hardly anyone likes to
    contradict him.