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Qatar refuses to accept goods originating in boycott countries

June 27, 2017 at 1:06 pm

An official at the Qatar Chamber of Commerce has said that any goods originating in the countries currently boycotting the Gulf State will be rejected by the private sector, Khaleej Online has reported. This would be the case even if they are shipped via another country, said the unnamed official, who added that Qatari businessmen will visit Kuwait, Turkey and other countries in the next few days as part of a search for new markets and customers.

His statement comes at a time when the Wall Street Journal has quoted a Turkish businessman as saying that Saudi companies are finalising plans with logistics companies to transport goods to Qatar via Turkey. The General Manager of Sardar Group’s Aiden Texan Logistics, one of the largest logistics companies in Turkey, said that the shipping requests are coming mainly from Turkish companies selling to their Qatari counterparts. However, he revealed that he was negotiating with several major Saudi companies that want to fulfil their contracts with customers in Qatar. These companies have been prevented from selling and delivering their goods due to the blockade imposed on Doha by the government in Riyadh.

A few days ago, a trade delegation from the Qatar Chamber of Commerce signed agreements and deals with several Omani companies to supply locally-produced goods and products in the Qatari market. On Wednesday, Turkish businessmen and their Qatari counterparts discussed bilateral trade and economic relations in Doha.

Before the boycott, Qatar’s imports from Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain were worth around $5 billion.