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PA slammed for joining Israeli commander’s farewell event

Israeli occupation forces in Hebron [Aandolu]
Israeli occupation forces [Aandolu]

Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) yesterday condemned the participation of Palestinian Authority (PA) commanders in a farewell party for Israeli Lieutenant Colonel Samir Kayouf, reported.

Kayouf, the former head of Israel’s District Coordination and Liaison Office in Jenin, received the PA commanders along with Palestinian traders in an official ceremony arranged in the occupation’s Salim Military Camp.

The PFLP said that Kayouf’s hands “are tainted with the blood of the Palestinians and this is a stigma of shame on the head of the one who gave the permission of participation and a poisonous stab in the back of the Palestinians.”

The PA participation in the ceremony is a show of disrespect for the sacrifices of our nation, which is still a victim of the Israeli criminals and is still paying the bills for such normalisation.

According to the PFLP, the Israeli occupation uses such meetings to “beautify its ugly face” before the international community.

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The Salim Military Camp “has been a venue for the continuous suffering of our people for a long time,” noting that the PA does not learn from “its massive sins”.

It called for the national, social, cultural and commercial bodies to condemn such normalisation ceremonies and disclose those who are involved in them.

The PA officials stood up for the Israeli national anthem and delivered speeches praising Kayouf when they attended the ceremony.

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