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Sudanese troops deployed on border with Eritrea

Egyptian army and military [File photo]
File photo of Egyptian soldiers boarding a troop transport helicopter

The Sudanese army has deployed thousands of troops on its borders with Eritrea, after Egypt sent its own soldiers, in coordination with the UAE, to an Eritrean base in Sawa. According to Al-Jazeera, the Sudanese forces have already reached the Kassala border garrison, while both Sudan and Ethiopia have declared their borders with Eritrea closed.

The Assayha Sudanese newspaper quoted Ethiopian sources as saying that the government of the Ethiopian western region sent military reinforcements to the border triangle with Eritrea and Sudan. The same sources revealed details of Eritrean military reinforcements supported by Egypt, as well as rebel movements from the Darfur region in western Sudan, gathering near the Sudanese-Eritrean border.

The Sawa base, which is located in the Gash-Barka region bordering eastern Sudan, is the main centre for training National Service soldiers. Al-Jazeera reported that a meeting was held at the base which included a number of military and security leaders from Egypt, the UAE, Eritrea and the Sudanese opposition represented in some Darfur and eastern Sudan movements.

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The Sudanese Foreign Ministry said in a brief statement on Thursday that it had decided to summon Sudan’s ambassador to Egypt, Abdel-Halim Mahmoud, back to Khartoum for consultation. The ambassador’s recall came after renewed tension between the two countries last month on the back of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to Khartoum.

During his visit, Erdogan announced that he had received President Omar Al-Bashir’s approval for Ankara to manage and rehabilitate Suakin Island on Sudan’s Red Sea coast. This was an important port during the Ottoman era, but Sudan’s decision generated controversy and harsh criticism from the Egyptian and Gulf media. Some even talked about an alliance of Turkey, Iran and Qatar, which was denied by Sudanese and Turkish officials.

The Egyptian media has been waging a fierce campaign against Khartoum, accusing the Sudanese President of supporting Ethiopia and its Renaissance Dam on the Nile. On Wednesday, Sudanese newspapers reported that Cairo had asked Addis Ababa to exclude Sudan from the negotiations about the dam, although the Egyptian Foreign Ministry denied this.

Sudan’s decision to recall its ambassador from Cairo came hours after the Head of the Sudanese Border Technical Committee, Abdullah Al-Sadiq, accused Egypt of trying to “drag Sudan into direct [military] clashes.”

Furthermore, Khartoum described Cairo’s actions in the Hala’ib and Shalateen area as “provocative”. The latest incident was when the Egyptian Minister of Religious Endowments, Mohammad Mukhtar Jumaa, delivered a Friday sermon in Hala’ib, which was seen as the consolidation of the “de facto policy” pursued by Cairo to assert its sovereignty over the disputed area.

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  • H Mokhbat

    Sissy is the enemy of Muslims, Arabs and the Egyptian people, sooner or later he will be disposed and judged for all the crimes he did commit against his own people if he is going to survive.

  • Sam Reding

    One common thread in all of the destabilization occurring around the North Africa/Horn of Africa area is El Sisi’s Egypt. All of Egypt’s neighbors are up in arms due to Egypt’s constant threats and attempts at bullying. El Sisi is certainly not much of a politician, or strategist for that matter, or he’d be wise to focus on domestic issues like terrorism, rising prices, and human rights rather than trying to start fights it can’t win with its neighbors.

  • Ahmded ali Wardigley

    The regional powers like ETHIOPIA has forgotten that other states have rights on the Nile.Ethiopia and Sudan were always allies in the destabilization of Somali Republic.One sending its armies to assist Clan based groups to deny a NATIONAL Army and interfere inu internal affairs of Somalia.While Sudan trained a scores of Salafist students at its Universities who became leaders of the so called Union of Islamic Courts.Nobody is innocent.El SIsi have right to protect his own people .

  • Ahmed Tulicha Adan

    Egypt has no right to dictate to Ethiopia, more so, Ethiopia is helping Somalia government stability and fight against terrorism, its forces are at somalia while UAE and its friend are among those undermining our somalia government through funding of proxy terrorist and war loads in somalia, they want to do same scenario at Sudan and Ethiopia,… Through such atemps might back fire,..

  • Brian Ghilliotti

    Does Ethiopia and Sudan plan to coordinate a multipronged attack against Ethiopia? I wonder if their militaries are sophisticated enough to carry out this type of coordinated, joint force operation. Especially when the enemy is they will be moving against are prepared for putting up a formidable defense. Eritreans fought against overwhelming odds during their independence war from Ethiopia. Brian Ghilliotti

    • Mark Lewis Brecker, Esq.

      Maricos Samiel K’han
      Returned Peace Corps Volunteer
      Ethiopia III [stationed in Asmara, then the capital of the PROVINCE of Eritrea]

  • Mohammed

    Sudan and Ethiopia must join together and remove this threat, break up Etriera it shouldn’t exist….Its problematic to the region.

    Al-sissi is an enemy to Muslims, after all, its easy to see he’s an Egyptian Jew, Nubian of Egypt should demand a separate country, after all they don’t benefit in Egyptian Society only as Second class citizens.

  • Mohammed

    Egypt has no right to interfere in Ethiopia internal affair, the Dam is there decision, they don’t need Egyptian approval. Egypt never ask Nubian approval for the Aswan Dam that destroyed 7 thousands years of civilization of Nubian culture.

  • Mohammed

    Egypt got away with murder, destroying Nubian culture, its a new world now its payback time…..