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Twitter user reveals new details about the arrest of 11 Saudi princes

January 8, 2018 at 12:16 am

Famous Saudi Twitter user ‘Mujtahidd’ revealed new details about the Saudi authorities’ arrest of 11 princes.

Mujtahidd said that the group of princes who were recently arrested are part of a larger group. He said likely that their arrests will exacerbate troubles within the royal family.

This was stated in several tweets Mujtahidd posted he explained that the princes who are currently detained have avoided visiting Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz because of his “mental state” and they have also avoided visiting Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman because he is “the enemy and the ruler”.

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He added that they decided to go to the ruling palace in the Riyadh Region to meet Prince Faisal bin Bandar as he is one of the family seniors and the prince of the most important region in the Kingdom.

The chain of tweets read:

Here are some details about what happened at the ruling palace and led to the arrest of a large number of princes

A large number of princes called for action for the following reasons:

– Arrests and imprisonment in which princes were treated with cruelty and humiliation

– The media’s concentration on the arrested princes, their accusation of corruption, and their defamation

– Publicly insulting their prestige and the overpower of Turki Alsheikh and others on them

– Provoking the people in their religion and money, which opened the door to the collapse of the whole family


According to Mujtahidd, the arrests occurred when a group of young princes sought to enter the Royal residence. However, they were forbidden from entering the royal residence when they sought an audience with Faisal bin Bandar, a senior member of the family. However, “Faisal bin Bandar’s immediate reaction was to contact bin Salman before allowing or refusing to let the princes  enter the royal residence. Thus, they started shouting at the door, and so, bin Salman sent a division of the Royal Guard and arrested them all.”

They never thought that Prince Faisal bin Bandar was a coward who fears of bin Salman and it is impossible for him to make any action without his permission

Mujtahidd said.

He added “In order not to give them the credibility, bin Salman has made up the story about the arrested princes.”

Media sources said that the Saudi princes gathered to object to new rules that would demand princes pay for electricity and water and to claim the financial compensation.

Saudi media stated that the royal guard arrested 11 princes who gathered at the ruling palace in Riyadh. They were held in Al-Ha’ir prison in preparation for their trial amid conflicting reports about the reasons for their arrest.

Read More: Twitter user reveals new details about the arrest of 11 Saudi princes

The sources indicated that the directives are clear and confirm that all are equal before the law and he who did not implement the regulations and instructions will be held accountable whoever he was.

On the other hand, Saudi activists questioned through social media websites the reasons given by the authorities to arrest the princes, and said that the gathering was an objection to a campaign of arrests of their relative princes, and the  intentional discarding of former Crown Prince Muhammad bin Nayef.

According to the Associated Press , Al-Ha’ir prison is run by the Intelligence services and is subject to strict security measures; while among its inmates there are criminals, militants, and combatants from Al Qaeda.