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Moroccan General Commission for Management of Prisons bans entry of watches

Prison cells [File photo]
Prison cells [File photo]

Moroccan General Commission for Management of Prisons has  issued a communication to all prison in Morocco to inform them about the ban on watches to prisons. This is because some of these watches have digital cameras that record what is happening inside the prisons and may be published on social media websites.

In its communication, the General Commission for Management of Prisons stressed the need to inspect anyone entering to prison institutions, except for prisons staff and employees.

The orders came in the aftermath of a bread supplier’s arrest at Toulal prison in Meknès after being caught smuggling quantities of drugs he had intended to deliver inside the prisons.

Food and other items’ suppliers will be brought to prisons’ inspection, along with teachers and lecturers who give lectures and lessons from time to time there, as well as employees of the two ministries of Education and Awqaf and Islamic Affairs who also participate in activities there.

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