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Israel MK calls for occupation of Gaza

May 30, 2018 at 9:47 am

Ayelet Shaked, former Israeli Justice Minister, Ayelet Shaked [Quds News Network/Facebook]

In a radio interview with Janoob FM yesterday, Israeli Minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked said that it is time to get ready to occupy the Gaza Strip.

Following the firing of mortars from the Gaza Strip towards the surrounding settlements in response to the recent crimes committed against Palestinians by the occupation, Shaked said: “It is time to get ready to occupy the Gaza Strip as part of efforts to destroy the authority of Hamas.”

Commenting on the fall of a mortar near an empty nursery early yesterday, she said: “A great disaster would have happened and it could have led to war.”

Hamas: We have a right to respond to Israel’s crimes

“The response must be very severe, as if blood was shed here … All options are possible, including the occupation of the Gaza Strip.”

“When we talk about decisiveness, we mean destroying Hamas’ authority with the full sense of the word,” she continued.

“It also means occupying the Gaza Strip, and this is a possible alternative. Truth must not be hidden.”