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Egypt appoints first-ever Christian female governor

Manal Mikhail becomes Egypt's first female Coptic Governor.

President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi on Friday appointed Egypt’s first-ever female Christian provincial governor.

According to a statement released by al-Sisi’s office, Manal Awad Mikhail — a Coptic Christian woman — was appointed governor of Egypt’s coastal Damietta province.

Mikhail graduated with a degree in veterinary sciences from Egypt’s Benha University in 1989.

According to Karim Kamal, head of the General Union of Copts for the Homeland, an Egyptian NGO, Mikhail’s appointment shows that Egypt has entered a “new era”.

“Religious affiliations are no longer a handicap for those seeking government appointments,” Kamal said.

“Mikhail, whose appointment was based solely on merit, will no doubt succeed in her new position,” he added.

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