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Erekat sends strong message to Israel, US

Secretary of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) Saeb Erekat sent a strong message to Israel and the US that the Palestinians are sticking to their inalienable rights.

Erekat's remarks came during a tour of Bethlehem, in the occupied West Bank, to mark the start of Christmas celebrations and the anniversary of the US' recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Erekat said that Palestinians would continue to push for their inalienable rights, including independence and self-determination based on UN resolution 194, Almesryoon.com reported on Friday.

"Our existence in the refugee camps in [Palestine] and abroad is a message to [US President Donald] Trump's administration that we are fixed to our land, the land of our fathers and forefathers," Erekat said. "We will keep our rights and will strive in order to regain," he added.

"Trump and his team might propose an unacceptable peace plan to force the Palestinians to reject it and then paint the image that we do not want to end the conflict," Erekat continued, stressing that peace could only be achieved through creating a state along 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital and a resolution to the issue of the refugees based on UN resolution 194.

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Erekat also warned that Israel and Trump's administration are working to change the conflict from a political one to a religious one. "We will not be dragged into this," he stressed, adding: "Our conflict is national and political related to a land, borders, rights and life in peace."

Erekat also called on the international community to support the two-state solution, to recognise Israel and to hold it accountable for violating international law, as well as to support the political and diplomatic efforts of the Palestinian leadership.

He concluded by stressing that peace could be achieved very soon, but saying: "We will accept peace based on the rules of international law and the international community."

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