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Al-Mishri: we will not participate in dialogue with Haftar

President of High Council of State of Libya Khalid Al-Mishri said that he would not participate in the dialogue with the dissident retired Major General Khalifa Haftar at one table.

Al-Mishri criticised the Arab League's attitude about what is going on in his country, saying that the League has not issued any position demanding Haftar to stop its military operations that have been targeting the capital Tripoli.

Al-Mishri has previously called on the Government of National Accord to implement the decision of the previous General National Congress and its formed interim government to arrest Haftar.

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Al-Mishri rejected, in a televised speech, Haftar's attempt to seize power by force, calling on the Libyan people to vote on the referendum on the project of the Constituent Assembly of Libya.

The President of the High Council of State stressed that arrest warrants had been issued against some of the officers involved with Haftar since 2011, explaining that some of them are young and deluded, as he put it.

Al-Mishri added that retired Major General Haftar is exploiting young people in the war, while the country should have benefited from them in economic development and industrial projects.

The President of the High Council of State continued that Haftar "is planning to use mercenaries as Gaddafi did," stressing that the people of the eastern region "will be the first to revolt against the new tyrant, as they did before on Gaddafi."

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