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PDFLP condemns renewed US sanctions against Cuba

May 21, 2019 at 4:07 am

The Cuban flag flies above a building in Matanzas

Palestinian Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PDFLP) condemned, Monday, renewed US sanctions on Cuba, Safan news agency reported.

In a statement reported by Safa, the PDFLP said that the renewed sanctions and economic blockade, which are being imposed by the US President Donald Trump, are designed to undermine the sovereignty of the island and returning it to a “humiliating” relationship of dependency on the US.

“The retreat of Trump’s administration on the measures taken by the previous administration… is a dangerous aggressive step against Cuba and its leftist leadership,” the statement said.

In addition, the statement said that the new US measures aimed to return Cuba under the American domination “which is making the Latin American and Caribbean countries the background garden for the US administration.”

The statement stated that the sanctions under the US measures including partners dealing with Cuba and foreign companies, as well as give these companies the right to claim compensation from the island before the American courts, noting that all these measures violate the terms of the international.

Concluding its statement, the PDFLP called for all the democratic, liberal and progressive countries, including Russian, China, India, African countries, Arab and Islamic countries, as well as the national, democratic and progressive movements to stand beside Cuba.

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