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Sudan Military Council: ‘We will not lie to the people’

June 17, 2019 at 10:56 am

Sudanese people seen attending a march to demonstrate in support of transitional military council in front of presidential palace in Khartoum, Sudan on May 31, 2019 [Mahmoud Hjaj / Anadolu Agency]

“We swear to God that we will not disappoint the Sudanese people’s trust in us,” said Major General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, Commander of the Rapid Support Forces and Vice President of the Sudanese Military Council.

“We swear to God we will not lie to the Sudanese people until our death. We swear we will not,” he added in a speech yesterday, explaining that the operation of dispersing the demonstrators was a trap to target the Rapid Support Forces.

Dagalo added that he would not talk about the dispersal of the sit-in two weeks ago until investigations into the event come to an end. “Things have happened, and there are patriotic demonstrators who would provide their testimony to what has occurred in the sit-in.”

Since December Sudan has witnessed widespread protests which led to the overthrow of former President Omar Al-Bashir. Demonstrations have continued calling for the military to hand over power to a civilian government.

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