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Meshaal says Morsi rejected Western proposals to annex Gaza to Egypt

Senior Hamas official Khaled Meshaal [File photo]
Senior Hamas official Khaled Meshaal (R) [File photo]

The former head of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement’s political bureau has revealed that Mohamed Morsi rejected Western proposals to annex the Gaza Strip to Egypt, Al-Watan Voice has reported. Senior Hamas official Khaled Meshaal made his comment as he offered his condolences on the death of former Egyptian President Morsi, who died on Monday.

Meshaal made his comments at a symbolic funeral prayer performed for the late president in Qatar, addressing them to “the family of President Morsi, his children, wife, brothers and the Egyptian people.”

A statement from Hamas explained that, “Meshaal praised the positions of the deceased president who supported the Gaza Strip, Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

Egyptian TV announced the death of Morsi on Monday evening after he collapsed during yet another court session where he was on trial for “communicating with Hamas”. He died moments later in hospital.

“President Morsi defended the nation’s issues and we miss his presence today,” said Meshaal. “He was a great man who always defended Palestine when he was an Egyptian MP. He supported Palestine and kept pace with the struggle, steadfastness and resistance of its people.”

Mohamed Morsi passed away after a lot of suffering, added Meshaal, but he did not betray Palestine. “He was known as a man of values and of principles ever since we first met him. The position he held did not affect his humility, ethics, tolerance, understanding and awareness. He lived for his principles and values and died fighting for them.”

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