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The will of an enemy that apologises will break

July 12, 2019 at 4:18 pm

Palestinian protesters take cover after Israeli forces fire tear gas during the ‘Great March of Return’ in Gaza on 13 April 2018 [Mohammad Asad / Middle East Monitor]

We have grown accustomed to the enemy’s threats to retaliate and its assertion of the concept of deterrence. We have monitored Israel’s behaviour for decades and found that it relies on its air force — its long arm — and its special forces, which work behind the lines constantly to prevent the establishment of various power bases that might pose a threat to its security and existence.

By means of its weapons, the determination of its people and their faith and willingness to make sacrifices, this enemy recoils, hesitates and apologises. The statement made by the Israeli army spokesperson this week about the “misunderstanding” which led to a Hamas operative being shot dead in Gaza was, to all intents and purposes, an apology to the resistance made out of fear of its response. It is the nearest the Israelis will come to making an outright apology. However, the Zionist spokesperson has not changed, though, and will not do so; it is the Palestinians who have changed.

They are oppressed, besieged and subject to all kinds of warfare in order to distort, misguide and destabilise their position, as well as create hostility between them and their role models. They are the Palestinians, and they create their own glory. They have managed to change with their limited resources and boundless steadfastness what countries and armies spend millions of dollars trying to change.

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The Arabs should hold their heads high for having such great people in the Palestinians who continue to move forward despite the behaviour of some Arab governments and the international community in support of an entity whose citizens claim to be God’s chosen people. This enemy does not tolerate the starting of a tank engine in the Middle East without its permission, or the starting up of an aircraft engine without prior knowledge.

Nevertheless, in Gaza it was surprised by an exercise taking place as part of a comprehensive training programme in which various forces have been mobilised and deployed across the area. From the Ashkelon border in the north to Rafah in the south, and covering the sea approaches, the exercise went ahead. The enemy couldn’t ask the resistance why it did this.

That is an example of strong will; of a collective mind liberated from restrictions. It is an example of a liberated Palestine.

This is a profound change in the direction of true liberation based on the facts guaranteed by Palestinian rights and their willingness to pay whatever it takes for this change. It is the result of accumulated effort, sacrifice, ingenuity, plans, implementation, preparation and awareness. The enemy has now realised that no one in the world can stop the resistance from taking matters slowly and carefully as it deals with the assassination of a martyr without any apologies.

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However, even a reined-in Israel is a treacherous foe which cannot be trusted. The resistance knows for certain that if key objectives are available to the enemy, it will not hesitate to take advantage. The hatred that has possessed the Israeli leadership is due to helplessness and an inability to take action within the confines of the state’s ability and unwillingness to bear what could be a great cost. This confuses and perplexes them as they debate constantly about how to get out of their current situation.

This did not come about from their mistakes — they are not perfect — but from the skill and management of the resistance leadership, which has put the enemy in a corner, making it unable to act in a complex equation created by Palestinian resistance.

Palestinians across the diaspora, in the occupied West Bank, Gaza Strip and Jerusalem, as well as in the territories occupied in 1948, should support the resistance project. They should back it in every possible way, with all that they have, secure in the knowledge and belief that only what God wants to happen can and will happen.

This article first appeared in Arabic in the Palestinian Information Centre on 12 July 2019

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