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Son of a former Algerian president accuses four Generals of assassinating his father

August 20, 2019 at 2:35 am

Nasser Boudiaf asserted that the assassination of his father was a “political crime par excellence” – Getty

Nasser Boudiaf, son of the late Algerian President Mohamed Boudiaf, accused four Generals of involvement in the murder of his father, pointing out that the assassination “was political par excellence.”

In a post on his Facebook page, Boudiaf revealed on Sunday that he intended to officially file a complaint against the Generals in September in the case of his father’s 1992 assassination.” He added that the reason for this delay in filing the complaint “is to prepare the assassination file in full.”

Boudiaf Jr. said that the two main defendants in the case are former Defence Minister Khaled Nizar and former intelligence chief Mohammed Median, known as General Tawfiq. Khaled Nizar is charged with of assassinating Boudiaf because he was the Minister of Defence at the time and a member of the Supreme Council of State, and the one who convinced Boudiaf to return from his exile in Morocco and assume the presidency.

Boudiaf Jr. considered that the issuance of an international arrest warrant against Khaled Nizar “is very positive from a legal perspective because it helps to open the file of Boudiaf.”

Nasser Boudiaf added: “I also put General Tawfiq in the same degree of accusation. The man was a leading figure the intelligence service at the time and is also in military prison today on charges of conspiring against the army and violating public order.”

He continued: “I also believe that four senior officers were involved in the assassination of my father, including General Larbi Belkheir, Chief of the Presidential Office, and General Abdel Malek Gueneizia, who served for years as Deputy Defence Minister, while Nizar and Tawfiq are still alive.”

Nasser said that the assassination of his father was a “political crime par excellence”, and aimed “to put the National Liberation Front in the museum”.

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On the assassination of President Mohamed Boudiaf by Lieutenant Mubarak Boumarafi, Nasser said Algerian public opinion “remained sceptical about this narrative.”

Doubts were further aggravated by the emergence of 2015 statements of Ammar Saadani, the former Secretary-General of the National Liberation Front. Saadani hinted at the involvement of General Tawfiq. Moreover, the head of the Supreme Islamic Council, Bouabdallah Gholamallah, said in 2017 that those who were by the side of Boudiaf were the ones who betrayed him.