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Egypt: businessman and artist reveals new plan for demonstrations

October 3, 2019 at 12:25 am

Film producer and real-estate investor Mohamed Ali Abdel Khaleq

Egyptian businessman and artist, Mohamed Ali, has unveiled a plan to demonstrate against President Sisi’s regime, saying it will make it difficult for the army and security forces to suppress the demonstrations or arrest the participants.

This came in a new video posted by Ali yesterday on his Facebook page, which was later deleted.

Ali said that the new plan was heard from the protester, Atwa Kenanah, who suggested for the demonstrators to take to the street at three o’clock pm on a working day, pointing out that the Egyptian authorities on Friday were able to suppress the demonstrations because it was a holiday, when the streets were empty, giving privilege to security forces and police to tighten control of the streets.

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He explained that at three o’clock pm will coincide with a large number of employees and students on the streets, which forms too huge numbers of people to be controlled or even arrested.

On Friday, 20 September, security forces sealed off Egypt’s largest square, Tahrir Square and nearby streets, which were surrounded by security posts. They also shut down four metro stations in the centre of the capital in anticipation of a large demonstration called by Ali.

“In flagrant violation of freedom of movement and assembly, the Egyptian authorities have closed at least four major metro stations in downtown the capital Cairo and blocked most of the roads leading to Tahrir Square to curb anti-regime demonstrations,” Amnesty International said in response to the Egyptian authorities’ actions towards the demonstrations that took place on Friday, 20 September.