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Hamas calls for national conference to establish election rules

October 30, 2019 at 11:01 am

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement called on Tuesday for a comprehensive national conference to establish election rules. Hamas said that it is ready to take part in elections, but needs “clear directions”.

A statement from the movement noted that senior officials from Palestinian factions and a delegation from the Central Election Commission, headed by Hanna Nasser, have met in Gaza to discuss a call for a general election made by Mahmoud Abbas at the UN General Assembly last month.

“A responsible spirit prevailed in the meeting, as all national factions have realised the dangers posed to the Palestinian cause, including conspiracies and serious challenges that require a unified Palestinian position to protect the Palestinian people and cause,” explained Hamas. “All PLO-affiliated factions and resistance movements have endorsed a specific national stance based on positivity and flexibility to meet the higher Palestinian interests.”

The movement added that Nasser has been given a responsible national position to be communicated to the Ramallah-based Palestinian Authority leadership. “This is based on the necessity to hold an inclusive conference as a compulsory and necessary condition to ensure holding national elections that unify the Palestinian people and heal divisions.”

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All of the Palestinian factions, said Hamas, have agreed unanimously that holding elections simultaneously or respectively if a national consensus is reached will ensure their transparency and acceptance of the results.

Ahead of the arrival of the Election Commission delegation, Hamas said that it had held a series of intensive meetings with the PLO and resistance factions to discuss how to ensure a successful visit to the Gaza Strip. “The meetings were characterised with a strong sense of honesty, clarity and joint understanding.” The movement stressed its own commitment to unity and reconciliation, as well as to the rebuilding of the Palestinian national home.

“The position has become clear,” insisted Hamas, “that the Palestinian consensus requires a clear commitment from the Palestinian Authority and Fatah towards this stance by calling for a national conference to agree on how to maintain and advance the national project and on the mechanisms of holding elections.”