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42% of Muslims in France harassed at least once: Report

Muslim women in the Champs-Élyséesm, Paris, France on 31 July 2010 [Zoetne - Flickr]
Muslim women in the Champs-Élyséesm, Paris, France on 31 July 2010 [Zoetne - Flickr]

A poll said on Wednesday that 42 per cent of Muslims in France were harassed at least once in their lives, Anadolu reports.

The survey published by the French Public Opinion Institute (IFOP) said most racial harassment occurred during police controls, job applications and house rentals.

60% of Muslim women who wear headscarf said they were harassed at least once, while this figure was 44 per cent for non-headscarf-wearing Muslim women.

24 per cent of Muslims who participated in the survey said they were verbally attacked and this rate was 9 per cent for non-Muslims.

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Also, 37 per cent of the headscarf-wearing Muslim women said they were insulted.

Last month, French far-right lawmaker Julien Odoul had requested from a Muslim woman to take off her veil in a meeting in eastern Besancon and attacked her verbally.

After the incident, the issue sparked discussions and statements targeting Muslims.

Last week, an 84-year-old man was arrested after he shot and wounded two people seriously while they were praying at a mosque in the southern French city of Bayonne.

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