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Opportunity of the century for Trump and Netanyahu!

February 3, 2020 at 3:48 pm

British protesters gathered outside the US embassy in London to decry Donald Trump’s so-called ‘Deal of the Century’ on 1 February 2020 [organisers]

We have been hearing about the “deal of the century” cooking in the Zionist-American kitchen for almost two years, as a solution to the Palestinian issue, under the auspices of Trump and his son-in-law Kushner. We are chased by this term wherever we turn, hearing about it in every media outlet, including written, visual and audio media and connected to every event in the region. This is not to mention the reports that are published about secret meetings taking place between President Trump and the Arab leaders, all of which confirm that these Arab leaders agree to the ill fated deal by Trump and his son-in-law.

Every time a date is set to announce its terms, they back down from it and postpone it, until Trump announced it last week in the presence of the man who concocted the deal, Netanyahu. Three government representatives from three Gulf states (UAE, Oman, and Bahrain) in a scene provoking anyone who has even an ounce of dignity, Arab nationalism, or Islam, as they stood as false witnesses to this cursed deal that is in favour of the Zionist occupation and liquidates the Palestinian cause.

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The terms of this shameful deal did not have much more than what had been leaked over the past two years and the claims that the foundation of the deal was based on the Beilin-Abu Mazen document on the final solution in 1995 as the basis for the future Israeli peace treaty, and it was certainly the basis on which Kushner built his deal. The two documents have many similar clauses, the most prominent of which is the relinquishment of the right of return, permanent concession of Jerusalem, giving the Zionist occupation complete sovereignty over Jerusalem, and making one of the neighbourhoods adjacent to Jerusalem, Abu Dis, the capital of the alleged Palestinian state.

There have been some minor adjustments to accommodate the development of events in the past years in which Israel grew stronger after Trump’s arrival in the White House, his unlimited support for Israel, his recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, his agreement to annex the Golan Heights and settlements to Israel’s borders, cutting financial aid to the UNRWA, and eliminating the right of return. No other American president did this. Moreover, Netanyahu announced the new Israeli constitution, which stipulates the Jewishness of the state and the racist Nation-State Law.

It is also in harmony with the weak Palestinian situation and the sharp division amongst the Palestinians, as well as the shameful Arab situation, after the victory of the counter-revolutions, and the rushing of the Zionist regimes to normalise with Israel in various sports, cultural and artistic etc. fields. This is no longer hidden after the masks have fallen and the regimes reared their ugly heads, exposing the hidden faces for decades. We now see the extent of cooperation on the ground between the Zionist Arab regimes and the Zionist occupier in many fields, even military and intelligence, and these regimes have come to see their lifeline in the hands of the Zionist enemy, the official protector of their thrones. Therefore, choosing the time to announce the deal of the century was completely studied and ready for implementation after they paved the way for it.

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Therefore, we do not believe that the president of security coordination, Mahmoud Abbas, rejects the deal of the century, as he was one of its godfathers when he worked as the head of international relations in the PLO and head of the Palestinian negotiators.

The individual who rejected it at the time was Yasser Arafat, and therefore he was besieged and killed, later being replaced in order for them to continue their conspiracies and legitimise the Zionist occupation. Trump clearly said with unmistakable clarity that the Palestinians must embrace peace by recognising Israel as a Jewish state and rejecting terrorism in all of its forms.

This shameful blow to the Palestinians demands that they:

  1. Recognise Israel as a Jewish state.
  2. Disarm Hamas in Gaza.
  3. Concede the right of return.
  4. Stop paying allowances to the families of prisoners, martyrs and the wounded.
  5. Stop incitement in Palestinian education.
  6. Stop prosecution of Israel in the ICC.
  7. Refrain from joining international institutions without Israel’s approval.
  8. Recognise Israel’s borders after its sovereignty over the West Bank is extended.

These are terms of submission, humiliation and defeat not only for the Palestinians, but also for the Islamic nation as a whole. This damned deal is a major conspiracy targeting the existence and sanctities of the entire Muslim nation.

The biggest mistake, or rather, the biggest conspiracy against the Palestinians in the past, is that they made the Palestinian issue a purely Palestinian affair, while it is the issue of all Muslims, as Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque, the legacies of prophets to all Muslims, are located in Palestine. Every Muslim protective of their religion and dignity felt insult and a harsh blow dealt by Trump. They felt shame because of their disappointing Arab leaders, who lack dignity, Arab nationalism,and Islam, and who kindly and comfortably received the deal, even thanking Trump for the deal and asked the Palestinians to seriously consider it.

Muslims arrive to perform the Friday Prayer at Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound in Jerusalem on 31 January 2020 [Mostafa Alkharouf/Anadolu Agency]

This shameful deal is the culmination of a series of slaps that started since the ill-fated Oslo Accords in 1993 between the Zionist occupier and PLO, signed by the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. This lost the path of the great Palestinian struggle, in which the heroic Mujahedeen sacrificed their lives for the sake of Palestinian soil, not so that an imaginary Palestinian authority is established to serve the occupation. On this fateful day, the PLO was burned, along with its national charter, which identifies the Zionist enemy as a colonial entity that usurped the land of Palestine and does not recognise Israel!

Palestine slipped through the cracks since the PLO laid down its arms and removed armed struggle against the enemy as the means to liberate Palestine from the sea to the river from its charter. It was replaced with peace as the PLO’s strategic choice.

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Since the Oslo Accords and in hope of alleged peace, the Zionist occupation managed to achieve many gains it would not have been able to achieve in its past wars, while the Palestinians lost a lot. They have been dragged into a never-ending cycle of negotiations and then negotiations for the same of negotiations and the Palestinian cause was lost in the corridors of negotiations and fruitless debates. The delusional PA became part of the Zionist project by carrying out security coordination wit the enemy. The PA is the one cracking down on Hamas and Islamic Jihad, arresting Palestinian activists, and informing the Israeli security authorities of the whereabouts of Palestinian opposition groups. The most recent of which was Islamic Jihad leader Bahaa Abu Al-Ata.

I wonder, how can we believe that Mahmoud Abbas rejects the deal of the century while he demanded the disarmament of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad before Trump stipulated it in the deal? He admitted to this himself in his speech before the so-called Arab League, admitting his treachery and addressing the Zionists and saying that he gave them information they could not have dreamt of, but now he has stopped, so they must deal with it. He also said he does not believe in the use of weapons and that he will strive for Palestine to be a demilitarised state.

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If he really rejects it and wants us to believe him, he should not have given this veiled speech to his Zionist masters. Rather, he should have taken off his Zionist coat and abandoned his security coordination with the Zionist occupation, put one of his hands in the hands of the resistance, and use the other to tear the Oslo Accords.

Only in this case will we believe him and applaud him, and will we support his position with all our might, erasing his shameful history from our memories.

In fact, the Trump deal is nothing but an acknowledgment of the fait accompli and nothing will change. What they want is to legitimise the occupation, steal Palestinian land, and loot Palestinian property, through the Oslo leaders. All that is needed is for the Oslo colluders to publically agree, before the Palestinian people, to the aforementioned stipulations, although they have already agreed to it in secret. This includes conceding all of their rights and acknowledging the current situation, including a united Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the land on which Israeli settlements are built in the West Bank, agricultural lands, and the water resources in the West Bank are all controlled by Israel, along with the Jordan Valley. They are required to announce that all of this will be added to the Palestinian territories seized by the occupation I 1948 as part of the so-called state of Israel and to urge the Palestinians to accept this in order to establish “autonomy” over isolated and fragmented cantons that will later be linked to each other by tunnels that are under Israeli control. Provided they display good behaviour, this autonomy could become a viable, demilitarized and sovereign state.

No Palestinian ruler, no matter how much he colludes with the occupation, would dare to say this, and therefore this is a dead deal, not worth the ink it was written with.

As for what is new in the deal of the century, it revealed all of the forces that chased after the delusion of a two-state solution, the delusion of the UN resolutions, including Resolution 181 of 1947 regarding partition,

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Resolution 242 after the 1967 defeat, which demanded the withdrawal of the Israeli armed forces from the Arab lands that it occupied and a fair settlement of the refugee problem, and Resolution 131 issued by the Security Council regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict, which Israel did not implement and which today Trump trampled over with his American shoes.

It is ironic that some of the Zionist Arab rulers are demanding that the Palestinians seriously consider Trump’s deal and to communicate with the American administration. They are insisting that the US is the broker of peace in the region and an honest mediator between the Palestinians and the Israelis. This is like someone handing themselves into the judge and executioner at the same time.

Trump, along with some of the Arab Zionists, says that it is an opportunity the Palestinians should not pass up, as they did in the past. To this we say, yes this is an opportunity, but for Trump and Netanyahu to save face in front of their people and rescue them from the investigations they are facing in their countries that may lead to their dismissal. However, they will sigh with relief if this suspicious deal, which they will continue to promote during their election campaigns, is signed.

Indeed, it is an opportunity for the Palestinians not to surrender to Zionist racism, to unite their ranks, end the division, wake up from the Oslo Accords delusion, and step on it. They must return to their first path or struggle and determination, unite their weapons, as the usurped land of Palestine from the river to the sea can only be restored through armed resistance.

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