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Israel: Netanyahu’s son wants minorities out of Tel Aviv

June 19, 2020 at 6:56 pm

Yair Netanyhahu in Washington, US on 11 June 2019 [Yair Netanyhahu/Facebook]

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s son Yair wants minorities to be banned from Tel Aviv, reported the Jerusalem post.

Yair Netanyahu made the comments on Twitter after Palestinian residents of Yafa held protests over the weekend due to the Israel’s plan to build a homeless centre on what used to be the Islamic Al-Isaaf Cemetery.

Located in the north of the city of Yafa, the protestors gathered in the cemetery in an attempt to stop the demolition. The city council called the police who tried to guard the demolition, resulting in police firing tear gas and using sound bombs to disperse the crowds.

In response, Yair wrote: “The riots prove that there is no chance for coexistence in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, and all the minorities must leave the city.”

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Joint List MK Ofer Cassif slammed the prime minister for Yair’s outrageous statement. “The rotten apple does not fall far from the tree,” Cassif said. “The little racist learned hate and ignorance from their father’s house. There is no chance for coexistence with haters like them, and they should leave Israel.”

This is not the first time that 28-year-old Netanyahu – who lives with his parents at the official Prime Minister’s residence – has made controversial statements online.

Earlier this year, he had called for the return of a “free, democratic and Christian” Europe, in an online rant. While last year he came under criticised after publishing several tweets denying the existence of Palestine because there is no “P” in the Arabic language.

In 2018, he was banned by Facebook after making genocidal anti-Muslim statements, and in September last year he accused the former US envoy to Israel of wanting to destroy the “Jewish state”. Three months later he called for all British diplomats to be kicked out of Israel for referring to Palestinians as “occupied”, and only two weeks ago he expressed hopes for all elderly left-wing voters in Israel to be killed by the coronavirus pandemic.

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