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Blind Palestinian gets 96.5% average in secondary school exams

Blind Palestinian student Mohamed Qattoush
Blind Palestinian student Mohamed Qattoush

Mohamed Qattoush lost his sight due a medical mistake during surgery when he was just four years old in the occupied West Bank.

After getting advice from speciality charities, his grandfather, Yahya, began to study Braille along with Mohamed language in order to encourage him to integrate into the society.

Mohamed Qattoush's grandfather

Mohamed Qattoush’s grandfather

The grandfather started school from the first grade with his grandson and continued with him until the 11th grade. He took his grandson to school, read his lessons and wrote them in Braille to allow Mohamed to let him read them by himself.

While Mohamed was in 11th grade, his grandfather passed away, leaving him alone to continue his studies. He vowed to continue his success in honour of his grandfather.

Two years later, Mohamed sat the general secondary school examination writing using Braille, obtaining a 96.5 per cent grade point average.

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