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37 Kuwait MPs call on government to confirm opposition to ties with Israel

August 19, 2020 at 10:07 am

Kuwaiti members of parliament attend the parliamentary session in Kuwait City, Kuwait, 8 July 2018 [YASSER AL-ZAYYAT/AFP/Getty Images]

Some 37 Kuwaiti MPs yesterday called on their government to affirm its position against normalising relations with Israel.

In a statement, the MPs expressed their “unyielding and firm support for the Palestinian people,” recalling parliament’s “steady and consistent position against normalisation [with Israel] in all its forms “.

The statement continued: “The Kuwaiti people from all sects will not accept their government’s unwillingness to stand for the cause of Arabs and early Muslim.”

The statement underlined that the Kuwaiti people “will continue to support the political leadership in its courageous, firm and consistent position towards the [Palestinian] cause over the years.”

It added: “The crimes of the occupying Zionist entity cannot be solved by normalisation with our fellows, and this does not reduce the seriousness of such crimes.”

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The statement referred to the “incursions and desecrations against Al-Aqsa Mosque and Judaisation and fraud acts in Jerusalem.”

So far, the Kuwaiti government has not issued its position regarding the US President’s announcement that the United Arab Emirates and Israel had reached an agreement to normalize their relations.

Last week, US President Donald Trump announced a peace deal between the UAE and Israel brokered by Washington.

Abu Dhabi said the deal was an effort to stave off Tel Aviv’s planned annexation of the occupied West Bank, however, opponents believe normalisation efforts have been in the offing for many years as Israeli officials have made official visits to the UAE and attended conferences in the country which had no diplomatic or other ties with the occupation state.

Netanyahu repeated on Monday that annexation is not off the table, but has simply been delayed.