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Two Iran ports exposed to cyberattacks

Iranian navy stand on the Kharg ship at Tanjung Priok port in Jakarta, Indonesia on 27 February 2020. [Anton Raharjo - Anadolu Agency]
Iranian navy stand at a port on 27 February 2020. [Anton Raharjo/Anadolu Agency]

Two Iranian ports were exposed to a massive cyberattack last week, a senior official at the Ports and Maritime Organisation (PMO) of Iran was reported confirming by Iranian media on Friday.

However, the official affirmed that the two ports are operating with no disruption, although the cyber-attack targeted their electronic infrastructure.

A statement released by the PMO revealed: "All the missions of the organisation are underway with no disruption," adding that technical measures have also been taken by the PMO's technological to reinforce the online services and prevent any pause in loading and unloading operations.

On Wednesday, Iran's Telecoms Ministry denied that a massive and coordinated cyberattack targeted the country's computer systems, noting that the attack only targeted systems in two government agencies.

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The PMO's statement spoke only about the attacks on the ports and did not give any details about the attack on the other government agency.

Abu Al-Qasim Sadeghi, from the Iranian State Information Technology Organisation, told state television that some government agencies have temporarily shut down Internet services as a precaution.

He added: "Cyberattacks that occurred on Monday and Tuesday are still under investigation, and they were significant and on a large scale."

Iran is on high alert due to cyberattacks, in the past blaming the US and other countries, including Israel.

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