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PA: Netanyahu is fuelling tension in Jerusalem to thwart new government

June 7, 2021 at 11:58 am

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (C) in Jerusalem on June 6, 2021 [MENAHEM KAHANA/AFP via Getty Images]

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday of seeking to inflame the situation in occupied East Jerusalem in order to thwart the formation of a new coalition government and save his political career. “He is,” said the ministry, “escalating the aggression against the city’s holy sites and citizens.”

The ministry said that the beleaguered prime minister is trying to repeat what happened prior to the recent military offensive against the Gaza Strip, as he is giving a green light to far-right Israeli groups to march through Jerusalem, a move that is expected to exacerbate the tense situation. In doing so, he is hoping to undermine the next Israeli government by triggering strong reactions from the Palestinians and across the region.

“He is undermining international and regional efforts to consolidate the ceasefire and stop the continuous aggression against the Palestinians,” the ministry insisted.

A coalition put together by opposition leader Yair Lapid could bring an end to Netanyahu’s 12 years as prime minister. The Palestinian Authority said that the Palestinian people have become the scapegoat for struggles among Israeli politicians and political parties. It called for the international community to rein-in Netanyahu’s attempts and plans in order to prevent a religious war in the region that would not be contained easily.

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