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Israel exploits security, sectarian tensions among Gulf states to achieve own interests

February 5, 2022 at 10:52 am

Israeli President Isaac Herzog (L) meets Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan (R) at the Qasr Al Watan, Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on 30 January 2022 [Israeli Government Press Office-Anadolu Agency]

The Israeli occupation state exploits security and sectarian tensions among Gulf states to achieve its own interests, Israeli analyst for Hebrew newspaper Maariv, Tal Lev-Ram, revealed on Friday.

According to Lev-Ram, Israel mainly takes advantage of security tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran and the Sunni-Shia tension predominantly in Yemen and Bahrain.

Lev-Ram, whose remarks were reported by Sama News Agency, said that the economic and secret deals between Israel and the Gulf states are more than a “symbolic measure” as the Israeli-Gulf relations are expanding and becoming stronger.

He stated that making these deals and agreements public provokes Iran and raises its concerns.

The Israeli analyst explained that the normalisation deals signed between the Gulf states and Israel are far from peace agreements, like those signed between Israel and Egypt or Israel and Jordan.

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Lev-Ram claimed that the security deal between Bahrain and Israel was inked following a green light from Saudi Arabia and was hailed by the United Arab Emirates.

The Iranian issue, according to Lev-Ram, was present during the signing of the security deal between Israel and Bahrain, noting that common interests were involved in the deal as Bahrain accused Iran of inciting riots in 2011 in the country.

“Israel uses such opportunities very well,” Lev-Ram indicated. “America’s current involvement in Chinese and Russian issues reinforces Israel’s ability to be a superpower in the region.”

Lev-Ram expects more security deals with other Gulf states soon.

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