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Hamas unveils its new 35th Anniversary logo

December 7, 2022 at 8:36 pm

Hamas new 35th Anniversary logo [@soitiz/Twitter]

Within the framework of the commemoration of its 35th founding anniversary, Hamas Movement unveiled its new logo on Monday evening, The Palestine Info Centre reports.

The logo, which expresses the Movement’s constants, has the map of Palestine and the Dome of the Rock, which symbolises Occupied Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Palestine, and the core of the freedom struggle against the Israeli Occupation.

The logo also included a gun to reinforce the Palestinian adherence to the armed resistance option till achieving freedom.

“As we unveil our new logo, we salute all righteous Palestinian martyrs, valiant detainees, the wounded, and all steadfast Palestinians in the Occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, in the territories occupied in 1948, in the Diaspora, and the Gaza Strip,” the Movement said in a statement.

Hamas usually celebrates its anniversary on 14 December, marking its founding on that date in 1987.

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