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Iran asks Iraq to disarm groups in Kurdistan

December 20, 2022 at 9:51 am

Foreign Minister of Iraq Fuad Hussein in Baghdad, Iraq on 7 December 2021 [Wisam Zeyad Mohammed/Anadolu Agency]

Iran has called on Iraq to disarm Kurdish groups in Kurdistan, Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein said yesterday.

Speaking to a Kurdish TV channel, Hussein said: “Iran officially asked Iraq to disarm hostile separatist groups,” stressing: “It is not acceptable to launch attacks on Iran from Iraqi land.”

“Iran said it would not accept that the political groups in Kurdistan hold arms and launch attacks on it or cross its borders.”

He added: “There is currently a high joint committee, including members from the Kurdish region, dedicated to security issues and talks between the two sides.”

Iran, which accuses the Kurdish groups of inciting protests in the country, has launched military attacks on armed Kurdish groups in Kurdistan, including aerial strikes, rockets and suicide drones.

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