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Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad General Secretariat convenes under title ‘Raise your flag’

January 14, 2023 at 10:16 am

People waving Palestinian flags attend a rally to support Palestinians. [Agoes Rudianto – Anadolu Agency]

The General Secretariat of the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad held its fourth meeting on Friday in Istanbul, Turkiye, under the title “Raise your flag”.

The meeting was attended by the chair of the Popular Conference, Munir Shafiq, Secretary-General Ahmed Muheisen, his deputy Hisham Abu Mahfouz and members of the General Secretariat, where they affirmed their: “Full support of the people in the West Bank, who confront the continuous aggression of the occupation and the Raise your flag campaign in response to the occupation’s decision to prevent the raising of Palestinian flags.”

Muheisen confirmed: “The next battle with the Israeli occupation is the battle in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem.”

He said: “Our meeting occurs today while our people in the West Bank are leading the path of liberation, and they are confronting the aggression and terror of the occupation. Yesterday, on Thursday, three martyrs were killed, so we chose to hold this meeting under the slogan “Raise your flag” to send a message to the occupation that there is no force that can break our determination, or the will of our people, in the project of liberation and return.”

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Muheisen stressed: “The Palestinian people will remain steadfast in the face of the occupation and will not give in to its threats in its war against our people and our Palestinian flag. They will not back down from continuing to raise their flag until liberation.”

“The occupation has one goal and one face, and no matter how its governments change, its terrorism will remain the same,” he added, noting that: “Its current government is an extremist settlement government, and this is a message to the world that the occupation is increasing its violence against our people.”

The chair, Shafiq, spoke about the developments of the Russian-Ukrainian war and its effects on the region, which he said is “living on the crater of a volcano.”

He added: “We are talking about a global war with clear poles, and it is not limited to Russia and Ukraine. This will knock on the door of a nuclear war, and in the same context, the US administration seeks to finish off Russia, and therefore, the Russians are fighting a war of survival. This will cast its shadow on the situation and exacerbate it.”

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Shafiq emphasised: “The control of the Israeli occupation, along with its military arsenal, has become threatened by the force of a counter-weapon, which is the Iranian weapon, as well as the growing strength of the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip,” calling for “preserving the resistance in the West Bank, supporting it and strengthening its influence.”

Deputy Secretary-General Mahfouz explained: “The fourth meeting of the General Secretariat confirms support for the steadfastness of the Palestinian people and their valiant resistance by working to establish a comprehensive national front that represents all Palestinians in a way that strengthens the national alignment in the face of the occupation.”

He noted that the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad: “Formed a preparatory committee to prepare for a national dialogue forum, as part of the responsibility towards our people at home, in order to advance the political situation.”

The Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad is a forum co-founded by Palestinians from various world countries. According to its official website, it announced its launch in February 2017 in Turkiye and is based in Beirut.

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